From newbies to grilling or the backyard BBQ vets, add some BBQ Rook Sauce to your next cookout for that added flavor to your meats!


So things have gone a whole different direction since I started on this BBQ adventure two years ago.  It all started as just a hobby and a rookie BBQ guy getting his feet wet with making sauces and rubs.  Then I made a sauce that people really liked and we thought we were on to something really good.  We started selling locally then the next thing we know people started tasting our food and boom...We are catering for people!  This has been a crazy cool twist and we are happy to supply people with quality pulled pork, wings, and so on.  Our food goes great with our Original Sauce so make sure to check us out if you are around the Southern Chester County Area or some of the surrounding areas.  Thanks for all the support and feedback as we move forward with this adventure.  We look forward to feeding you.  

 "Get Hooked on the Rook!"

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